Our Staff

Dr. Ahmed Elwan

  • Specialist of Neurology and Psychiatry (Adults & Pediatrics).
  • Assistant Lecturer of Neurology - Children with Special Needs Dept. -National Research Centre.
  • Masters of Neurology andPsychiatry - Ain Shams University.

Ms. Donia Hosny

Ms. Donia obtained her Bachelor ofScience from the University of Toronto, graduating with honours with aspecialist degree in psychology. Her experience has focused mainly on childrenwith behavioural and developmental difficulties, having trained at the ChildDevelopment Institute in Toronto. She also has experience dealing with familieswho have undergone traumatic events, having previously been employed at 57357Children’s Cancer Hospital. She has received training on conducting variouspsychological assessments and is currently part of a team working towards theuse of Virtual Reality in Egypt as a mental health tool.

Mrs. Sally Mohammed

Ms. Sally completed her BA in Psychology in2010. She obtained her Master Degree with Honors in Positive Psychology ofPsychological Flow in Different Egyptian Classes.

Ms. Sally perceives her role as a trainer andpsychologist. She worked as Skill Development Specialist for Special needs andIntellectual Disability and Technical Supervisor of Special Needs. She’s beengiving lectures of Standford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition andIntervention Programs for 4 years.

Ms. Doaa Basiouni

Ms. Doaa obtained her Bachelor degree in Psychology fromHelwan University and her Diploma in Clinical Psychology from Ain ShamsUniversity. She perceives her role as an individual therapist and asfacilitator, guiding clients to discover their potential and actualize theirgoals, according to each individual’s needs, She works as well in Couple andFamily Counseling. Ms Doaa gained her experience in treatment of insomniathrough Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Cairo Sleep Center where she currentlyworks. She has worked as a clinicalpsychologist at multiple hospitals and medical centers and attended manyconferences, workshops and training programs in and outside Egypt.

Ms. Heba Ahmed

Ms. Heba Completed her BA in Psychology in 2011, and is currentlyworking on her MA. Since 2011, she’sbeen working on assessing children mental health, and guiding severe cases. Sheworked at UNICEF project to improve the mental health of homeless children andtheir families. She also worked as a Trainer at Platoproject partner with theFoundation plan Egypt, training of children enrolled in community educationschools in EzbetKhairallah on the "Rights - Responsibilities -Savings ". She offers behavioral therapy for children sessions at MECenter.

Dr. Hamad

Dr. Hamad obtained his Master degree and PhD هn the field of clinical psychology and psychological disorders. He worked in teaching Cognitive Psychology, Special Needs.He authored and co-authored a number of books and tests in the field of personality, behavioral problems and psychological disorders.

Mrs. Aya Adel

Ms. Aya obtained herClinical Psychology diploma from Ain Shams University.Ms. Aya began herprofessional career in 2009. She offers Individual sessions for children and adults and PsychologicalTesting and Assessments.

Ms. Reham Mahmoud

Ms. Reham has been working BehaviorModification and Developing Skills for Children with Special since 2008. Shehas also been working in standardizing tests and conducting training courses inArab Corporation for Psychological since 2011.

Ms. Reham obtained her BA in psychologyfrom Ain Shams University. She is doing her Master’s in The Effectiveness of CognitiveBehavioral Program in Reducing the Symptoms of Attention Deficit andHyperactivity Disorder Compared to Medical Therapy in Children Aged (7-8) Years.

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