Personality Assessment

A personal test is not a test in the known sense because there is no right or wrong answers in such test. It is used by individuals to discover their personality and to get an in-depth look at it.Personality test helps the individual to create an image for his/her character.

How long does a personality test take?

It usually takes 20-40 minutes, and the psychologist should take into consideration that he/she does not have to speed up and that the time spent performing on the test is not a part of the assessment criteria.

How does the individual prepare himself/herself for psychometric personality test?

Unlike other types of psychometric assessment (such as the arithmetic reasoning test and verbal reasoning), there are not many preparations that the client must do, because they do not apply here in the traditional sense (i.e., you cannot change your personality before the test, this is you). However, there are things you can do that will help you during personality test as well as some key things you should know to avoid them.

Three things to avoid during personality test

1. Do not think a lot in the answer:Prolonged thinking in the answer is a common mistake among individuals; because this leads to confusing results, so do not do so and be normal.

2. Do not take much time to answer: because the first reaction represents you and your behaviors in a right manner.

3. Avoid being prompt to answer questions through your personality in one of the places without other places, as we all have a personality in home that is different than the personality in work. You should prepare yourself to be you.

We use a number of tests to evaluate personality, including personality traits inventory. It is useful in making individuals understand themselves, know their behavior, interact with other sand identify their strengths and weaknesses, which helps them in the decision-making process. The personality traits test helps the teacher and psychologist to anticipate and understand the student 's experience and provide a clear picture of the student 's feelings and needs. It also helps in understanding and anticipating educational problems associated with personality traits. It used too in clinical and career assessment and this helps the institutions to put the right person in the right place. Also, it helps in the process of planning and continuous development of the staff.

The individual can administrate the test to self or to another person thereby helping the individual to see how he sees himself and how others see him or how he sees others.

N.B. You can take the personality assessment online or at ME Center’s Office.

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