Individual Psychological Counseling Service

"Me " provides psychological health services for children,adolescents, and adults. The Center consists of multidisciplinary team whichassesses a wide range of disorders and behavioral, educational, and emotionalproblems so that they could develop an intervention program based on anintegrated approach that focuses on the uniqueness of each person.

Our therapists believe that an individual cannot be treated inisolation from the surroundings, as all components of an individual’s life,including the family, the school system and the environment of work, should beobserved. Based on the Center’s philosophy, intervention programs andcounseling and educational services often extend beyond the individual itself(e.g., school, family).

Treatment Process

The process of treatment starts by collecting the data that thepsychologists will ask you about through asking about your relation history andwhat made you com for treatment. You will start in the first two sessions todevelop the relation with the therapist. During the early stage of treatment,the therapist will help you to understand your feelings and needs. During theprocess of collecting data, you and the therapist will set the goals, plans,and work of support team. There a lot of available different treatment options,as there is no treatment suits everyone. Individuals can choose the type oftreatment that fits them.

· Psychologicaltreatment: Psychological guidance discovers feelings,ideas, and behaviors and seeks to enhance the individual’s life.

· Medication - Medication does not outright cure mental illness. However,it may help with the management of symptoms. Medication paired withpsychotherapy is the most effective way to promote recovery.

· Group Therapy - Group therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which severalindividuals are treated at the same time. Group therapy may take place in avariety of settings, including hospitals, mental health clinics, communitycenters and private offices. In some cases, group therapy is the only treatmentemployed, but more commonly it is used in combination with individual therapy.Group therapy may be the most effective method that makes positive changes inan individual 's life