Our Programs

The Me Center offers a variety of activities to suit different ages

Mental, Social and Emotional Development Program

We can improve the child 's mental, emotional and social development by implementing the core strategies of the .... Read More

Assertiveness program

By being assertive, an individual speaks and behaves in a manner that.... Read More

Group therapy

Group therapy helps individuals learn the skills that will improve their functioning at home, at school/work, and in society. Participants.... Read More

Adaptive behavior skills program

Adaptive behavior, in the simplest sense, is being able to function in society as expected. It includes aspects such as how someone.... Read More

Anger management Program

The Me Center offers an Anger Management Program for Children.... Read More

Play therapy

Play therapy is a standard method in the treatment of children. Children have often experienced things.... Read More

Art Therapy

Are you interested in art and psychology?

Would you love to use your knowledge of visual art and the.... Read More

Psychological Counseling

Psychological Assessment

Psychological Treatment Programs