Privacy Policy

Dear user, you can see in our Privacy Policy the explanation of the way Me Centers keeps the data of each user, how such data is used, who can see it, and how the website preserves the data when you browse our website: Terms and conditions apply on this website only, or on the websites referred to on our website, as each of such websites have their own Privacy Policy and terms.

Purpose of Me Centers Website

The website aims to provide psychological services and counseling. We also provide information about some psychological disorders through the blogger of each website. In addition, there is a contact information section for further inquiries and information about our services and consultations.

About the User 's Data

The website of Me Centers does not require any personal information to be browsed by the users. However, if one of the users sends us a message via the site, he/she will be required to add his/her email address and name. Personal information will be required when the user requires communicating with us, which includes, the first name of the user, last name (surname), e-mail address, address, phone number, fax or any further information. This is done by the choice of the user. This personal data is used to answer questions and inquiries of the user, or to request some of the services provided by the site or to add a comment on one of the topics and services. Obligation towards terms of use of our website is affirmed.

If a reservation is requested through the website, Me Centers collects the above mentioned data, in addition to other information such as: address, telephone number, credit card information (which is requested through the official website of the National Bank) and all information required to complete the reservation process.

Also, personal data is used to verify and authenticate the identity of the user, for reservation, or for access to our accounts for the submission of reservation requests, and to ensure compliance with terms and conditions applied by the user.

How the Information of the User Is Protected through the Website of Me Centers?

Security procedures are taken to protect personal user information, which prevents your information from being accessed or changed in any way. No personal information is disclosed. We also provide secure e-mail transfer mechanisms for credit card information or any other account.

Exchange Policy and Information Disclosure

Any personal information about our clients shall not be exchanged or revealed during surfing the website. Personal information shall be protected and preserved according to what has been reported in privacy and use policy of Me Centers website.

In some cases, we may reveal personal data of a user in the following situations:

  • In response to an order or judicial summons
  • In connection with a joint venture or the sale or transfer of the assets of our company in full.
  • To treat or suspect fraud or to monitor any other illegal activity.
  • In order to meet the conditions set forth in the Privacy Policy or in the contract between us and the User.

Information Aggregated for web Analysis

We use a third party to analyze the web such as some programs as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. These programs collect information about anonymous visitors. This information includes IP addresses, the type of browser used, the time spent on the site and each page, pages referenced, and pages the user visited.

This information is collected through cookies and IP Addresses to find out some information about the direction of the network. Our company uses the direction of the network to manage the system and for some marketing purposes or to know the problems and solve them improving the service that the user receives.

Cookies and Do Not Track (DNT) Signals

Many websites use cookies, which are small text files that are transferred from the website to the browser on a computer or mobile device. Cookies provide the website with some non-personal information. However, it identifies the device on the site through several types of information, such as browser type User, user 's Internet Protocol.

Me Centers website uses cookies to measure traffic patterns to track data usage and access, to customize content, and to control security. Any user can refuse to use cookies or will be alerted when receiving cookies through browser settings, but this may affect the efficiency and performance of the site for the visitor.

Amendments to Policy and Use

Me Centers may review and modify the Privacy Policy and Use from time to time and will indicate so if this occurs.

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