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ME Center provides psychological support services as well as specific intervention programs for children, adolescents, and adults. The Center consists of a multidisciplinary team which can assess behavioral, educational, and emotional problems. Our intervention programs are based on an integrated approach that focuses on the uniqueness of each person.

Our therapists believe that individuals benefit best from holistic treatment. All components of an individual 's life- including family, the school system and the work environment- should be evaluated. In some cases, our intervention programs, counseling and educational services extend into other settings like the family home or school.

Our team of psychologists will:

* Provide need-based counseling

* Administer assessments and psychological tests, if indicate

* Assess cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and social functions

* Create unique, client-focused treatment plans

* Provide support, encouragement, empowerment and motivation

* Offer appropriate resources and referrals

* Teach the necessary skills to maintain sound mental health

* Offer a safe, caring, and comfortable environment to work on challenges and distresses

The treatment process begins with an intake session, during which the psychologist will ask about the reasons for seeking treatment, review the client 's personal history, and identify specific goals to work toward. During the next several sessions, the psychologist will help you to understand your feelings and needs, while supporting you as you develop coping strategies to improve your situation. Throughout the counseling process, you and the psychologist will work as a team to help you reach your identified goals. There are many treatment pathways available, to accommodate the differences in individuals. Clients help shape the pathway that fits them best.

DISCLAIMER: The Me Center does not provide intensive psychotherapy services. We offer supportive counseling for many common problems, and our programs are designed to enhance the overall improvement of functioning in specialized populations. We will gladly refer any client to a mental health provider such as a hospital, clinic, specialist or psychiatrist if their needs are more appropriately served by those entities.

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